Edinburgh's Ancient Castle
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Edinburgh Castle

The Ancient Stronghold of Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is an ancient stronghold which dominates the sky line of Edinburgh, is unequalled as a castle in the whole of the British Isles. Dating back as far as the 9th century BC it is Scotland’s second most visited attraction, once you visit, you will understand why over a million people a year visit Edinburgh Castle.

No visit to Edinburgh is complete without a visit to Edinburgh Castle; you will be overwhelmed by the spectacular views of Edinburgh when you reach the highest parts of the Castle structure. Visitor to the Castle are rewarded with magnificent panoramas in every direction. Looking to the north, you can see the mountains of The Kingdom of Fife and below you can see the famous Princes Street Gardens as well as the most of the New Town and Old Town.

The City of Edinburgh grew out from the Castle, with the first houses in Edinburgh being built in front of Edinburgh Castle now known as the Lawnmarket.

As with all castles, Edinburgh's fortress has been a centre of military activity. As an ancient fortress, Edinburgh Castle is one of the few that still has a military garrison, albeit for largely ceremonial purposes. The Governor of the Castle has always been the head of the Army in Scotland and the Castle continues to have a strong connection with the Army. Sentries still stand watch at the castle gatehouse after opening hours, with responsibility for guarding the Honours of Scotland.


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